Monday, January 16, 2012

TECHNIQUE TUESDAY Glitter pins and Tattered ribbon

Introducing our new twist on finding and learning new techniques...

Glitter Pins & Tattered Ribbon

For my card this month I wanted something slightly vintage looking that didn't look like it came straight out of a package, I also wanted to incorporate a few things from my craft stash that I could use up instead of finding a new home for it in my studio.

So for the ribbon on this card I took a scrap piece of muslin and ripped into 1" x 12" pieces...the key is to rip the fabric into strips to achieve the tattered look.

I then soaked the strips in a stain mixture of 2 cups coffee, 1 lid of vanilla, & 1/4 teaspoon ground cloves for about 15 minutes. After the strips had soaked I laid them out on a cookie sheet covered with tin foil and baked them for 10 minutes at 200 degrees. For added darkness and more stains you can pour some of the mixture over the strips right on the cookie sheet before baking them.

You now have homemade tattered ribbon for endless possibilities on your projects...(can't wait to use some on a scrapbook layout!)

Next up I wanted to add some "bling" and lately I'm loving all the fun pins available to use in your craft projects, however I didn't have any on hand but I had a gazillion regular pins, so I started digging through my craft stash and came across glitter & some liquid lacquer. I imagine you could use a spray glue but I wanted something thicker that would actually coat the tip of the pin and create more of a shell.

Using paper plates I put a little of the lacquer on one plate and put glitter on the other, then I rolled the head of the pin in lacquer and then in the glitter...if your pin has spots that the glitter didn't get just dip it back in the lacquer and add another coat of glitter. I then used my thumb to shape the glitter to the pin head, stuck in a pin cushion and let dry for about an hour.

I hope if anything this fun new TECHNIQUE TUESDAY will spark some creativity within you and give you ideas for your own projects!

Come back soon!