Monday, November 30, 2009

Band of the Month

Ok who doesn't have a bazillion Christmas parties to attend to this month? Everyone likes to show a little "Christmas Cheer!" and not in the way Aunt Edna's tacky elf sweater does (You know what kind of sweaters I'm talking about!) In a classy way you want to say, yeah Christmas is here and I'm ready to celebrate in style! So for now until December 31st this little beauty will be on sale for $18.00 while supplies last, so hurry in! And you may combine this deal with the Christmas special so you can this watch for you and a Christmas present for your friend and you will save $7.00 Great savings!
And remember the Christmas special is 2 faces & 2 bands for $55.00

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas Special

The clock is ticking, everyday is one day closer to Christmas and one more day you didn't start your shopping (if your like me:)
To say thank you for every one's support I am offering a Christmas Special on all of my watch bands for only $55 you will get 2 watch faces & 2 watch bands! You can't beat that! Get one for your friend and one for yourself while your at it:) Offer starts Wednesday, November 18th and runs until December 22nd.
I will be at Nichole Brown's party tomorrow night with my jewelry, including all of my new designs. I will be taking orders for Christmas & Custom jewelry as well, so stop by there is so much to see!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

~42~ DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!! (Yes I said 42!)

That's right Christmas is just around the corner, crazy it seems as if Summer ended last week? But oh how I love this time of year!
I have been working on some new pieces, with new mediums. I am so excited to share with you some of the new items in my store!

Check out the new "Mother's Necklace" I have recently designed (This one is my mothers Christmas present, shhh). It is made with a sterling silver washer, beads & chain. If you would like to order one for that special mother in your life put your order in now so it is guaranteed for Christmas:)And for all of you "Twilight" fanatics out there, come and get some Vampire pride!
Just in time for the release of New Moon!
And well if you've seen the previews for the new movie, then you will know why I'm changing over to team Jacob, can you say WOW!!

Lots of beautiful pieces, stop in and check it out!