Sunday, January 16, 2011

my whirlwind....

I've finally found time to update my blog...I have been absent from blogland for a while because of this crazy whirlwind I call my life.

I've been busy picking out crib sets and designing a nursery for our first baby, not to mention the wonderful morning sickness that still has yet to go away....

all the while juggling 2 business' (make that 3 now)
did I mention it's tax time...I despise this time of year

and if all of these wonderful things aren't enough to make my life crazy, my husband and I just purchased a herd of cows, which to a girl that didn't grow up around the ranching way of life, is quite the adjustment to make!

But I'm learning to live with the cow manure and an anxious husband who worries night and day about his cattle...

as for my photography business I have been horrible at posting my photo shoots I've been up to here is a glimpse of some of the fun shoots and wonderful families I've been shooting, starting with my most recent shoots ;)

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